May 16, 2020

Supporting Social Distancing

In these troubling times our marquees can be utilised to assist with high demands in certain industries. Warehousing marquees, temporary storage and additional spaces for social distancing measures are rapidly becoming part of our repertoire.

Due to recent events, we, like many other businesses, have had to rethink how we can support struggling sectors in order to support these unprecedented times.

Our marquees can be utilised to create additional storage space or provide additional space which is now required due to social distancing measures.

Our marquees:

Our marquees are available for long and short term hire. We offer a range of sizes to suit varied requirements. We understand that marquees could be required for months because of the ongoing outbreak and we’d be more than happy to assist.

As well as temporary warehouses, teaching spaces, testing centres, socially distanced corporate conferences suites, socially distanced eating spaces, we can also offer additional items to support your specific needs. Tables and chairs can be hired; flooring, heating, lighting and even generators.

Additional Items:

We are fully committed to do all we can to safely support our customers as well as supporting other businesses during this time.

Let’s work together to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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